Tim DuPertuis


   Its a good idea to attach a streamer to your grenade so you can find it after you chuck it into the bushes.

   To add a streamer to your grenade, cut a 12" long piece of flagging tape and fold one end over a couple of times. Screw a 1" drywall screw through the folded end by hand and then screw the screw (with tape attached) into the bottom of the grenade with a screwdriver or electric screw gun/drill. Check out the streamer photos for details.

Streamer materials:
   Flagging Tape (fluorescent red and lime as well as other colors) is available at safety supply and some hardware stores for a couple of bucks for a long roll. Drywall screws are available at any hardware store for around $3.00 for a pound (lots!).

   Another good trick is to write your (impression) name on the streamer so there are no questions as to who the grenade belongs to.

   Real grenades are generally (and more safely) stored in pouches and pockets rather than hung on external gear (German stick grenades excepted) so drilling holes in the bottom of the grenade to hide the streamer is not necessary.